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lexxiesullivan asked: narry or ziall
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niallslaugh said:
narry, kissing booth


harry’s a theater nerd and niall’s the lead striker on the football team who has a bit of a crush. the theater department decides to run a kissing both to raise money for the school play.

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Anonymous said:
Can you tell me what to type in on youtube to be able to see that Paris video when Harry was trying to protect Niall? Thanks!

i don’t think you’ll find it because the video is private now :(

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Harry’s phone is ringing way before it should be, is the first thing that comes to his mind as he reaches blearily for it.

The second thing is that it’s Niall’s ring tone, and he swipes to answer the call without opening his eyes.

"Ello?" he says, and winces when his voice comes out rough.

Niall laughs brightly in his ear, and he can’t help the smile that forms on his face. “Good morning, sleepy head. Thought you should know you’ve been sleeping and showering with some girl every night.”

Harry racks his brain, he’s only been in LA for a day and most of it was spent sleeping. He hasn’t even been out with any of his friends. “Right, okay. Reckon if I leaked a few of the pictures of the things we got up to before I left, those rumors would disappear rather quickly.”

Niall sucks in a quick breath, and Harry hears the distinct sound of a door closing and the thump as Niall lands on his bed. “How about you remind me?”

"Okay," Harry says, rolling over onto his front and sliding a hand down his chest to palm over his half hard cock. "Which part did you want to start with, you fucking me over the kitchen table, or me riding you on the couch?"

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marry someone whose laughter sounds better than your favorite song (x)


can’t wait for Harry’s autobiography explaining how exactly he fell in love with niall

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i could literally watch niall and harry interact all day every day for the rest of my life and be completely happy

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if you go really far up nialls ass, there’s me and harry chillin

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