so baby, say you'll always keep me

"this is not a love poem;
it is a poem about you and me,
and every sodding dream
we've ever had." |
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Anonymous asked: Hi guys, have you read the 40k narry shadowhunter fic? It's really fantastic! One of my new favourites. You should give it a read if you haven't :)

Of Demons and Angels?? YES. yes i did and i really liked it :) i like everything from this author :)

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Bring Niall, I’ll bring the wine♥


fic: as long as you’re mine

pairing: niall horan/harry styles

rating: teen audiences and up

word count: 7,158

summary: “I don’t like that story.” And - okay. Harry wasn’t expecting that, but Niall isn’t finished.

“I don’t like it because you’re not in it.”

Harry has to pretend his heart doesn’t swell. He wonders briefly if Niall had a heart, would his be doing the same?

(Harry is human. Niall is not.)

notes: uh niall is an android. that’s it so i’m sorry ?

read it here

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pairing: Niall Horan/Harry Styles

rating: m

word count: 2100

summary: It’s been five years since Niall and Harry broke up. Which means for five years, Niall’s been pretending to not be in love with his best mate. Now that best mate is getting married tomorrow.

additional tags: infidelity

read on ao3

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Favorite Narry Moments: 7/?

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niall deserves the best harry

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STYLANinspired by ‘Emotional Knapsack' written by irishmizzy & miss_bennie on ao3

(Harry and Niall go solo, together.)

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we all have our secrets - trishapocalypse -
  • niall: bro!
  • harry: bro!
  • niall: bro!
  • harry: bro!
  • niall: *hugs harry for ten years*
  • harry: *whispers* bro!
  • niall: *breaks apart and laughs longer than my lifespan*
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